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Supporting Charities One Song at a Time


SongCauze is a donation only "music for charity" company. The SongCauze mission is to align musicians and song writers that write, produce and distribute music that has been 100% donated to benefit charity organizations while providing awareness and cross promotion for the charity and musicians.

"The key to SongCauze is that we have everyone working towards the same goal. The writers and musicians gain positive promotion while the charities receive funds and awareness."


-Michael Coulter, SongCauze Founder

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Featured Charity


Empowering artists and communities of need to join together and emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art.

Song Cauze brought artists together to record music to support this charity that they hold dear in their hearts. 

The Art of Elysium is an artist organization built on the idea that through service, art becomes a catalyst for social change. Our full circle approach rewards altruistic creativity by giving back to artists who share their gifts with those in need.

Artists volunteer. We support our artists.

Through service, our creative communities thrive.

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